Google Ads Reporting Tool

Automated PPC reporting with written insights

Show your agency's impact on conversions

Drill into campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and queries

SiteKick ReportsSITEKICK

Conversion Funnel Diagrams

Show clients the impact of your PPC work, including how many conversions your agency generated. Break down how the funnel is performing and how much they're spending.

Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords, and Search Queries

SiteKick has tables for all the levels of the Ads hierarchy, with full metrics on impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost for each.

Include Your PPC Margin

Automatically add your markup to all ad costs shown to the client, including when SiteKick breaks down cost-per-conversion and cost-per-click.

Ads Cost Markup
$1.00 will become $1.10 in reports

More Integrations

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Prove Your ROI in Plain English

Hand-writing insights for every client, every month is a drag. We fixed it.

Prove your ROI with clear written explanations of your work on PPC Ads, SEO, Facebook Pages, Mailchimp email, and more.

Deliver consistent insightful reports with written insights that explain your agency's lift for each client.

Customer Testimonials

“SiteKick is key to client engagement. It turns complex data into easy-to-read analysis that explains and defends the ROI we deliver. SiteKick is also powerful internally, serving as the history of each client that we use to onboard new account managers."
Kyle Doran  |  R + A Marketing
"SiteKick is like Christmas for our team. No more spending two days downloading spreadsheets from different data sources. It's a real time-saver, ready to use out of the box, and easy to present to clients. There is no other way we could deliver this type of reporting."
Bill Rice  |  Kaleidico

White-labeled, Professional PowerPoints

You are in control. You can fully white-label the report with your logo, colors, and agency name.

SiteKick gives you a beautiful PowerPoint for each client. Edit everything for clients with unique needs: every word, chart, table, or number.

See How SiteKick Works For Your Clients


Live in Five

Link your Google, Facebook, and/or Microsoft data, pick the accounts you want to report on, and then let SiteKick do the rest.

Powerful Charts

SiteKick automatically builds beautiful charts and graphs that pair with the written explanation for each channel.

Cover Every Channel

SiteKick analyzes every channel, discovering the insights that show your value: great campaigns, new SEO results, and more.

Consistency And Scale

SiteKick analyzes every data point, picking the key findings and delivering them with a consistent style and tone. Handle more clients and let your team focus on results, not hand-writing reports.